Friday, September 16, 2011
Before I Move Off. @ 9:12 AM

Sometimes, as much as you want to pursue something, there will always be a roadblock that would prevent you from getting there. Traveling is so easy to dream of. So easy to say, "I'll go there!" and yet in reality, the dream is so far away. (if you've also noticed, I am quite adamant with using commas so excuse the excessive use of it.)

Saving money, as I've mentioned before, is one of my hardest tasks so far. Being that I am someone who is programmed to be quite lazy (could also be the genes), I am unsure how I'm going to go about booking a flight without any money for it. Responsibilities--I am very much clueless with them. I mean, I get what my dad was saying about finally getting a job so I can discipline myself for the future but I'm scared.

Losing in touch with myself and becoming a drone to the man. Having to follow dictations and never having my own ideas to hone. Ah well, I should look for a job anyway. How will I be able to go to Europe or anywhere else in the world without proper credentials? Ah, life. You were so much easier when I was still in my years of wearing diapers and now you're holding me back from quenching my wanderlust and my yearning for going to all the concerts, gigs, and festivals I want to go to.

(I wish I had the money right now so I could go to China and see Mount Kimbie live. Well fuck. Proper gutted.)

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Indecisiveness has finally bit my arse after all these years. @ 8:26 AM

Just like what the title implied, it's true.

Unfortunate as it is, I'm definitely not getting any younger (and in fact I'm turning a year older after tomorrow and it absolutely horrifies me to the most unbelievable degree). I've finally graduated university a few weeks before and it hit me... what was next?

I haven't done any traveling for so long and for most of my days I've found myself sweating out in the couch watching TV shows that barely does anything for my supposedly witty thoughts (although does greatly with my imagination). Eating ice cream that is bad for mebut fuck it because it's so good. Life is a good laugh, though, when you think about it.

Everything you've ever dreamed of when you were younger doesn't seem to apply when you get older. Everything's different and you don't know how to keep up. You wish, you hope, and to the best of your abilities—you try to make your aspirations come true. It's bad enough that you don't get to be the singer or actress or astronaut or even scientist you've always thought you would be because of requirements but to not be able to travel to the place for you to try and make it happen... well, what are those invisible lines for, countries? Why the need to instate taxes that would just end up in officials' pockets? Why the need for Visa?

But I know change wouldn't be here anytime soon and I have to accept it. So here I am, paying the price for my indecisiveness. I have waited eight months for the inspiration to kick in and I have gotten the ideas to be a professional photographer, a novelist, a graphic designer, and most recently—to work for film and television. And it actually makes sense for me.

It makes sense.

And here I am, looking for production jobs that doesn't have to be here in the Philippines. I've been considering Singapore (but I have no idea what kind of shows they air) but my dream goal would be either in LA (Fringe? Oh yes please. I would love to work for you.) or in the UK (Top Gear, Misfits, Inbetweeners, Psychoville... 'nuff said). And if E4 stumbles on this by any chance, any job offers? 

Currently, I am also constructing a plot for a TV series that people might be interested in. Maybe I'll air it on YouTube to test out and see the reactions on it. Maybe. But if there are any who are interested in collaborating, I welcome ideas.

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Friday, May 20, 2011
Full stop, dreams are scattered. @ 9:32 AM


I haven't updated this since I've first launched this out to the public and I think this deserves a new post.

What would be my excuse, you ask? Well, there are certain situations that even the most determined people have their moments of distractions. I, for one, am easily distracted by the little things. Pizza, ice cream, assorted sweets, shoes, street food... all types of food for that matter and some other stuff.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had this problem before. Distraction and the yearning to spend the money that you've saved up for a trip you've wanted to go on since, well, forever. But you can't give up (unlike me who have been swayed shamelessly).

For a personal trip to continue on, you have to want it bad enough that you'd sacrifice everything else just for it to go through. So tip #2, ignore all the siren calls of temptation and keep on saving till you get to your certain goal (in regards to spending money for the trip).

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Traveling is srs bznz. @ 8:23 AM

Pilot, we are ready for take off.
Now, I've always been obsessed with traveling. It doesn't really show much (not the most obvious thing about me since I'm such a publicized homebody) but I am very much verbal with my interest in it. I'm not quite fond of the riding on planes, boat ride, and roller coaster-type stuff that has to go with it because I can't stomach it most of the time. However, I might get used to it if I just take the time to actually plan on traveling.

Thus, this blog is born.

So many places to go, so many places to see. I wish to travel the world and become someone at the course of it. Where to start? I am not quite sure yet. Why?

Because traveling means having money. And money... is not what I have at the moment.

The first destination on the list? Vietnam. How to get there? Before anything else, the very top of the list would be: Get cash.

How to get cash? Get a job. If not? Freelance. Now if you are going to follow this blog throughout my whole journey, you might get a few tips or whatnots on how to get to the goal. I'm actually just hoping but maybe gaining some confidence on that thought would help us get motivated. So ladies and gents, tip number one: Save up money.


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